Meet the HSH Staff

We are blessed to have a passionate group of community servant leaders who care about those in need and have committed to their roles as unpaid board members who want to see positive change happen for the residents in their respective communities!  


Learn More About the Heroes Supporting Heroes Staff:

Chuck Sargent, a captain for United Airlines, flying the Boeing 737, is the Vice-President of Military Affairs for HSH.  In addition, he serves in the United States Air Force Reserve as a division chief in teh Exercises and Evaluations branch under the Joint Chiefs of Staff (principal advisor to the President)...more

Jeff Lutz, Vice-President of Civilian Affairs for Heroes Supporting Heroes and Co-Founder of West Allegheny Workcamp, brings 30+ years of commercial/residential contracting experience and community involvement to expand the services of HSH into the local communities...more

John Kreutzman, Treasurer of Heroes Supporting Heroes, is the Director of Global Indirect Sourcing for Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc. responsible for travel and fleet related services... more

John Lee, President/CEO and Co-Founder of Heroes Supporting Heroes, he is leading the Servant Heroes to deliver the mission, vision, and values of HSH...more

Kristi Hilbert, Board member for Heroes Supporting Heroes, Director of Heroes Support Network, and Founder of the Bridges Kids Club...more

Sheri Lee, Co-Founder of Heroes Supporting Heroes, serving as a Board Member, leveraging 20 years of business experience to serve HSH...more

Tom Gallant, a 30-year veteran with US Airways serving as a Flight Attendant, Chairman of the Findlay Township Board of Supervisors is also a Board Member of Heroes Supporting Heroes (Non-profit). His depth of knowledge and experience in corporate networking are invaluable to HSH...more

Ryan Waggoner, Board Member for Heroes Supporting Heroes

Dave Zurn, Board Member for Heroes Supporting Heroes


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Heroes Supporting Heroes would not exist without the efforts of those Heroes who donate
their time, skills and resources to thank our Nation’s service members.

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